Streamsong Red is designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. The was the last course I played during my visit to streamsong. It was a very windy day as a hurricane weather forecast was estimated to arrive later in the afternoon.

the course

first hole at streamsong red course
Hole 1, Par 4

The first hole was straight into the wind and playing very difficult with its 464 yards. I hit a driver and 3 wood to the green side bunker. Would have been great to make par, but had to settle for a bogey.
2nd hole
Hole 2, par 5 – spot the turtle…

A great looking hole from the tee with water up the right hand side and bunkers on the left. I found the fairway and GIR which was nice and made a good par.
2018-04-15 10.28.54.jpg
Hole 3, par 4

A short par 4 and better to miss left than right.
2018-04-15 10.34.23.jpg
3rd green, narrow and long

My tee shot was good and a wedge to the green which ended up on the fringe. Again very windy, so I was happy with a par.
2018-04-15 10.35.18.jpg
3rd green

The green condition was not perfect, but decent and playable. I definitely found that the Black course was the best shape of the 3 courses.
2018-04-15 10.46.12.jpg
Hole 4, par 4

A short par 4 and I went to the green. Came up short and made a good pitch which set me up for a nice birdie. Huge bunker in the middle of the fairway which doesn’t really come into play if you hit driver.
2018-04-15 10.48.44.jpg
Approach shot to 4th green

2018-04-15 10.58.27.jpg
Hole 5, par 4

Another relatively short par 4 but again with water in play so a good tee shot is required. I went for driver again and found the fairway.
2018-04-15 11.11.40.jpg
Looking back down the 5th hole

2018-04-15 11.17.12.jpg
Hole 6, par 3

A short par 3 with a huge green. Pin was in the front and I hit a poor pitching wedge that went left in the fringe. Made a good par.
2018-04-15 11.19.17.jpg
6th green with a view on some of the large bunkers on the course

Good par 5

2018-04-15 11.26.21.jpg
hole 7, par 5

I really liked this hole with the water running down the left and bunkers on the right. A narrow target from the tee, but there is more room than anticipated. My driver went left and I hit my second into the large bunker short of the green. Got on the green and made a nice par. My playing partner found the fairway from the tee and was on the green in two and just missed the hole for eagle.
2018-04-15 12.25.35.jpg
Hole 9, par 4

A very short par 4 uphill. I hit 3 wood just short of the green and made par. I enjoy holes where you have the opportunity to go for the green, but felt that 2 holes like that on the front nine is too much.

the back nine

2018-04-15 12.45.06.jpg
Hole 12, par 4

Into the wind again and really tough hole. I hit 2 really good shots to get on the green.
2018-04-15 12.55.40.jpg
12th green, here you get a little idea of the wind when looking at the pin

2018-04-15 12.58.44.jpg
hole 13, par 5

A good par 5 with some well placed bunkers in the fairway. Playing into the wind, but after a good drive I had to go for the green in two. Bad choice, even though I went into bunker in the front of the green. Hit a poor sand shot and made bogey. Poor course management.
2018-04-15 13.08.51.jpg
bunker in front of the 13th green

2018-04-15 13.21.02.jpg
Hole 14, par 3

Another hole straight into the strong wind. I hit a really good 5 iron to the middle of the green and was very pleased when walking off the green with par. Really well designed hole and obviously the wind is a big factor.

best par 3

16th hole at Streamsong red
Hole 16, par 3

The best par 3 on the course and playing so difficult with the wind. I hit a hybrid and went a little right but bounced into the green which has a huge slope in the middle of the green. Hit a fantastic longe range putt and made par.
2018-04-15 14.13.21.jpg
Hole 18, par 5

A strong finishing hole uphill and dogleg right to left.
2018-04-15 14.19.59.jpg
18th green

My 3rd shot was pushed a little and the green slopes left to right. Made bogey and shot 78. I was happy with the score considering the windy conditions. I found a lot of fairways and made some good approach shot, so overall a satisfying result.

My experience

Red is my favourite Streamsong course. I find it the most challenging and rewarding course to play. Overall a well designed course with quite a lot of water in play and more pressure on your game. The holes are more memorable on the Red and I would like to play again in more calm conditions.
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