Streamsong Blue is designed by Tom Doak. I played Black in the morning and had an afternoon tee time on the Blue which I was looking forward to. I was paired with a couple of golfers from America and turned out to be really enjoyable round of golf in perfect weather conditions.


2018-04-14 15.14.46.jpg
approach to 1st green

A short opening par 4 where I hit driver and had above approach shot to the green.
2nd hole streamsong blue
Hole 2, par 5

2018-04-14 15.44.49.jpg
Hole 5, par 3

A very short par 3. It was a reasonable easy pin position, but can be tricky if long and right. It was only playing 80m, but you do not want to be long as one of my playing partners experienced. Large steep bunker in the back. Hit a decent wedge and made par.
2018-04-14 15.52.29.jpg

best par 3

7th hole streamsong blue
Hole 7, par 3

The most scenic par 3 on the course and a really good challenge. unfortunately I hit my tee shot right and had to reload. Hit a perfect 6 iron and got away with a bogey. Really good hole.
2018-04-14 16.08.41.jpg
Crocodile in front of th 7th green.

2018-04-14 16.10.50.jpg
Looking back down the 7th hole. you can get an idea of the tee elevation

2018-04-14 16.16.09.jpg
Hole 8, Par 4, 437 yards

Playing as one of the most difficult holes on the course. I found the fairway and GIR, nice par.

The back nine

2018-04-14 16.48.55.jpg
Hole 10, Par 3

The green is well protected by bunkers. It was playing a little down wind so needed a good shot to stay on the green. I hit a decent 8 iron, but a bit long and right. Made bogey.
2018-04-14 17.08.00.jpg
Hole 12, par 4

A really well designed hole. Playing 390 yards, I hit a driver from the tee and found the fairway. Hit a really good second shot, but went long which resulted in bogey.
2018-04-14 17.15.39.jpg
approach to 12th hole

driveable par 4

2018-04-14 17.28.50.jpg
hole 13, par 4

Playing 293 yards it was too tempting not to try to go for the green. The green is well protected by water and huge bunkers on the left. My drive ended up pin high in the run off area to the right of the green. Really good birdie chance, but my putt lipped out.
2018-04-14 17.35.10.jpg
13th green

2018-04-14 17.39.07.jpg
hole 14, par 5

The water should not really come into play, as there is plenty of fairway on the left hand side. I hit a good drive and went for the green in two. Ended up on the right hand side of the green which is okay, but did not manage to get up and down for birdie. 13 and 14 with good birdies opportunities, but simply not well enough played.
18th hole streamsong blue
18th hole

18th is a par 4 playing 453 yards and down hill. You can not see the slope from the tee so the caddie walked out to wait for the fairway to clear. I hit a really good drive and had a wedge left. Hit a good approach shot but missed the birdie, so 18 holes without a birdie and a score of 78.

my experience

I really enjoyed the blue course and it is different to the Black. It has more variety and requires more from your game all around. The condition of the course was not as good as Black but still at a high level. The course has some really good holes and a lot of well placed bunkers, some of them huge. I was happy with my score, but felt that I left a few birdies out there and it could have been a really good score.

my score

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