Old Head Golf Links is located south of Cork and in a truly unique position. Located on a sandstone rock in the pacific it is a very special experience to walk this terrain. I visited the course in May and the weather was good. Very little wind and no rain. This was the first course we played during our Ireland trip and we where all extremely excited to play this course. We also played Waterville, Ballybunion, Lahinch and Dooks on the same trip.

arrive in style at Old head golf links
Helicopter availability if you want to make the experience even more fantastic

Old head golf links lighthouse
Hole 4, Par 4, 415 yards

One of the stunning holes running along the ocean and with views of the lighthouse.

Above is short video of my recovery shot on 4th hole. Obviously not the first one to have been up there as there was a small path running up there. It was one of my better bogeys of the day.
2017-05-24 18.36.44.jpg
Hole 7, 163 yards, Par 3

The par 3’s on the course are just amazing. They are set beautifully in the terrain and really requires some good shots. I can only imagine how difficult they will play if the winds get up.

good birdie opportunity

Old head golf links 10th
Hole 10, Par 5, 485m

This dogleg left to right is one of the holes where you can make up a shot. I hit my drive severely right and was still left with a good approach to the green. I managed to make a well needed birdie.
2017-05-24 19.37.43.jpg
Hole 11, Par 3, 184 yards

The 11th hole is a slight uphill par 3, where I hit a good tee shot and got my second birdie.

fantastic par 3

Old head golf links great par 3
Hole 13, Par 3, 145 yards

A really good hole where the pin was placed on the front edge. It should have been a relatively easy shot, but I hit my first ball in the water left and made double bogey.
Old head golf links 16th
Hole 16, Par 3, 163 yards

The 16th hole is well protected by  bunkers. I really messed up this hole. I hit my first ball right and took a drop. Hit a poor pitch into the bunker and took 6.
Billede 24-05-2017 20.13.24.jpg
It may be obvious, but it is good that they have put up signs in the most dangerous areas when you approach the edge as the drop is severe

amazing par 5 hole 12 at Old head golf links

Old head golf links 12th
Hole 12, 537 yards, par 5

The 12th hole is one of the most difficult holes on the course. I really liked this hole and I think that Ron Kirby has created a unique hole. The tee shot is completely blind but can spot the green in the far distance. We had very little wind and it was slightly headwind. We all hit some good drives aimed towards the path and just managed to reach the fairway. From there was still a long way to the green – this hole is a monster if the wind is strong.

amazing views

Check out video of the 12th hole from the tee.
2017-05-24 19.58.18.jpg
Approach to 12th hole

Billede 24-05-2017 20.04.48.jpg
2017-05-24 21.17.39.jpg
18th green

my experience

I really enjoyed Old Head Golf Links golf course even though I was dissapointed with my score of 88. The location, design and layout is just stunning. The condition was not immaculate but fine for this time of year. There is only a few weak holes on the course. In general many of the holes are well designed and they have managed to take good advantage of the terrain.
We had good weather condition and I did not think the course was too difficult. It was mainly my game that let me down which resulted in too many lost shots. However, I am certain that you will really need your A game to score well if the weather conditions are more difficult. I would definitely recommed this course and one day I will return to try and improve my score.
Skærmbillede 2017-06-03 kl. 16.38.12.png