Lahinch, Ireland

Lahinch golf club is located on the west coast of Ireland and has 2 courses, where the Old Course is most recognized. They do not have a driving range, but have recently opened a great short game practice area. It was actually a bit refreshing as this forced us to practice a part of the game that usually doesn’t get enough attention anyway.

DSC01382.JPG2017-05-27 12.38.20.jpg

2017-05-27 14.42.07.jpg
4th hole, par 5 with a very narrow landing area just before the mount.

Above video with view from 4th tee.

2017-05-27 14.43.56.jpg
The second shot from the fairway on 4th

If you manage to find the fairway a marker will let you know when the green is free and you have a blind shot over the mount.

2017-05-27 14.55.41.jpg
Hole 5, Par 3, 148 yards

Can you spot the pin?, mostly likely not and the white rock is the aim from the tee on this par 3. I hit the green and made par. Personally I don’t like holes like this with blind tee shots over mounts.

2017-05-27 15.02.03.jpg
5th green
2017-05-27 15.14.57.jpg
approach to 6th green

6th hole is a dogleg left to right par 4 with a huge hole and bunker in the fairway. Nice views of the sea.

2017-05-27 15.29.36.jpg
Hole 7, Par 4, 366 yards
2017-05-27 15.38.34.jpg
7th green
2017-05-27 15.41.18.jpg
Hole 8, Par 3, 156 yards
2017-05-27 16.20.23.jpg
11th hole, Par 3, 156 yards

Great par 3 and one of my favourite holes. It played straight into the wind and is a really tricky hole where you pretty much have to hit the green to get a good score. I hit a 5 iron left into the high rough, see my recovery below.


2017-05-27 16.36.17.jpg
Hole 12, Par 5, 514 yards

Really nice par 5 running along the water.

2017-05-27 17.16.00.jpg
Approach to 14th which is a long par 4.

I shot a dissapointing 86 with a birdie on the last hole. Didnt hit many fairways and therefore also very few GIR. It is a good experience and the course has many nice holes. We had fantastic playing conditions and I would recommed playing the course.

Skærmbillede 2017-06-22 kl. 19.22.07.png

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