Formby was a course I didnt know before coming to the area and therefore had no expectations to the course.
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You drive through a small neighbourhood on the way to the course where you see above sign and obviously a golf club with a long history.

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A typical setting for a old UK golf club

2019-06-07 11.01.20.jpg
Hole 1, par 4

A good challenging opening hole with bunkers that are perfectly positioned in the fairway and trees down the right hand side. It was into the wind when we played which didnt make it any easier and I was happy with a opening par after missing my approach to the green.
2019-06-07 11.13.38.jpg
Hole 2, par 4

2019-06-07 11.26.03.jpg
Hole 3, par 5

A nice par 5 dogleft left to right and a wider fairway than it looks from the tee.
2019-06-07 11.33.16.jpg
3rd green

2019-06-07 11.51.00.jpg
Hole 5, par 3

2019-06-07 11.59.33.jpg
Hole 6, par 5

A tough par 4 where you want to avoid the bunkers on the right hand side. I hit a decent drive and then you realize the blind shot to the green. They have the longest pin I have ever seen on this hole which acts as the aiminig point for the approach shot.
2019-06-07 12.05.10.jpg
6th green

2019-06-07 12.07.05.jpgI was really pleased seeing my approach shot being close to the pin and even more so after making the birdie putt.
2019-06-07 12.10.56.jpg
Hole 7, par 4

The toughest hole on the course in my opinion. The tee shot needs to be incredibly accurate and you still have a difficult approach shot to a blind green. I managed the first part but came up short on the approach as the wind was stronger than anticipated.
2019-06-07 12.19.30.jpg
Hole 8, par 5

A really fun par 5 where a good drive will roll down the fairway and leave a shot for the green in two.
2019-06-07 12.25.23.jpg
approach to 8th green

I hit a good drive that ran through the fairway and left me a 5 iron to the green. Misshit and came up short but made birdie after a nice chip shot.
2019-06-07 12.32.37.jpg
Hole 9, par 5

A beatiful hole which I really liked even though it was a double bogey.
2019-06-07 13.44.16.jpg
Hole 16, par 3

A short but tricky par 3. Like many of these short holes they are all apart accuracy and this is no different. The wind had picked up significantly during the last 5 holes and it was starting to rain as well.
2019-06-07 13.49.10.jpg
Hole 17 par 5

The last 2 holes was some of the best holes. The tee boxes are set in the trees and it is a couple of challeging holes to finish with.
2019-06-07 14.00.44.jpg
Hole 18, par 4

The wind was straight into on this tee but a enjoyable challenge. I hit driver and rescue which missed the green right where there is plenty of space.
2019-06-07 14.07.31.jpg
18th green with a view of the clubhouse

I really enjoyed this course and it was definitely the highlight apart from the more famous Royal Birkdale and Lytham. I would play it again and it has a lot of really challenging holes which would be fun to play again. I played decent golf with 3 birdies but also 3 double bogeys in a row from hole 9-11. The course condition is not to level of a Lytham, but still in good shape.
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