Cruden Bay is a little gem north of Aberdeen. When you get close to the course and drive along the houses you don’t realize that there even is a golf course hidden behind the small country road.
I played on a rainy and windy day or typical Scottish as some would say. It wasn’t too bad, but made it more tricky of course.

the course

Hope 1, par 4

First hole I hit my drive in the left hand rough and couldn’t make it on the green in two. Poor pitch and started with a bogey.
Hole 2, par 4

2nd hole is a short par 4 with small bunkers running along side the fairway. It is steep uphill to the green. I hit a decent drive and had a lobwedge left. Made par.

repair pitchmarks

That is a sign that should be put up more often…

Hole 3, par 4

3rd is driveable but as you can a narrow entrance to the green. I missed my drive left which wasn’t too bad. Lip out for birdie.
Hole 4, par 3

This is a tough par 3. It was playing 181 straight into the wind. There is not much room for missing the green and short will run back down the hill as you can see below. I hit a solid 3 wood pin high and was very happy walking off with a par.
2017-10-19 09.05.12.jpg
Run off area in fron of 4th green

2017-10-19 09.09.34.jpg
5th tee elavated from the fairway

2017-10-19 09.38.40.jpg
Uphill to the 7th green which requires a really good second shot

2017-10-19 09.39.55.jpg
7th green with the pin right at back

The 7th hole is a dogleft left and the drive is straight forward, but the second shot is a real challenge. It is uphill and when I played the wind was straight into. The green is relatively narrow and long. I hit a hybrid for my second and ended up on the front edge of the green. A good putt to where you can see above and a par that I would consider a decent score every time on this hole.

shor par 4

2017-10-19 09.42.33.jpg
8th hole

I actually thought the was a par 3 and only realized it was a par 4 when putting in my score on the app walking off the green. I was playing 212m and I hit a 3 wood to the right off the green.
2017-10-19 09.47.08.jpg
Run off on 8th green

As you can see from above the green is difficult to hit and I was left with a short chip to the hole and made par
2017-10-19 09.50.25.jpg
View of the ocean and the 8th green

2017-10-19 09.53.38.jpg
View from 9th tee where I was told by a few members that you can see 16 of the 18 holes. check out video below

2017-10-19 09.54.57.jpg
9th hole

2017-10-19 10.03.18
9th green

the back nine at cruden bay

2017-10-19 10.06.05.jpg
10th tee

10th hole at Cruden bay is a par 4 and was quite deceptive from the tee. I didn’t checked distances before teeing off and actually only cleared the right side of the rough to make onto the fairway. It was playing into the wind, but I thought I could cut more off the line that it actually appeared. I had a 5 iron to green and came up just short. Made bogey from there.

Deceptive par 3

2017-10-19 10.15.43.jpg
Par 3 11th

From the tee the hole looks pretty straight forward and was playing 133m. I hit an 8 iron and walked to the 12th tee to leave my bag. There is a small path through the bushes to the 11th green and only then they I see this little area with water and the run off to the right side of green. Really good feature to the hole and note to myself is – read the course guide or look at the app….
2017-10-19 10.39.10.jpg
14th hole uphill

Uphill all the way and to a long narrow green as you can below
2017-10-19 10.42.56.jpg
14th green

2017-10-19 10.45.32.jpg
15th tee shot – yes its as blind a shot as it gets…

I aimed to far left and actually it is pretty much straight down the middle of hole between the hills and the green is big enough.

Best par 3

2017-10-19 10.53.02.jpg
16th hole a really good par 3 almost hidden in the mount and really no place to miss it.

2017-10-19 10.58.51.jpg
17th tee shot

I missed my drive left and never found the ball which resulted in a doubble bogey.

my experience

As you can see below I shot 80 on a typical scottish weather day. I prefer the back nine holes of course and thought it had some terrific holes. The course is in a unique location and you are one with the elements when walking close to the sea and listening to the ocean. A good test of golf….

my score

Skærmbillede 2017-10-21 kl. 17.47.43.png