Whistling Straits, US

Whistling Straits has hosted several PGA championships and will host the 2020 Ryder Cup. It is a 2 hour drive from Chicago which is where I flew into during my visit to the course. I played the course during the month of september and even though it was cold I had really nice weather.

2018-09-29 13.48.03.jpg

Due to frost the range opened just before my tee time, so I only hit a few balls before heading out.

2018-09-29 07.36.43.jpg
Nice driving range with a few greens to hit towards

I had the first tee time and I was out on my own with a caddie at 07:50.

2018-09-29 07.47.37.jpg
Hole 1, par 4

I played from the green tee 6600 yards. The opening hole is a slight dogleg right to left and 370 yards. There is bunkers on the right hand side which is where I ended up with my tee shot. Second shot came up short and an opening bogey.

2018-09-29 08.00.12.jpg
Hole 2, par 5

Second hole is a par 5 that is reachable with a good drive.

2018-09-29 08.04.00.jpg
Approach shot to 2nd hole

I managed to find the fairway and the green was within range. My second shot was in the green side bunker and resulted in a par.

2018-09-29 08.07.44.jpg
2nd grenn

It is a beautiful setting and a good birdie opportunity if you can get the ball around the green in 2 shots.

2018-09-29 08.14.58.jpg
Hole 3, par 3

3rd is really well designed and here you get a feel for how the course architecture. The are small bunkers all over the course and as you can see even on this short par 3. Many of them are not really in play, but just gives a certain character to the course which is nice. I played a 9 iron and had a decent birdie opportunity which was missed.

2018-09-29 08.18.54.jpg
Looked back up the 3rd hole
2018-09-29 08.20.27.jpg
Hole 4, par 4

A 414 yard par 4 where a good drive gets rewarded. The fairway opens up around 250 yards from the tee and with it being slightly downhill it gives you a significantly shorter approach shot. My caddie was really good and gave some good directions on holes like this. My drive was perfect and left me with a short approach shot to the green.

2018-09-29 08.28.23.jpg
4th green

My birdie putt just lipped out……

2018-09-29 08.29.30.jpg
Hole 5 par 5

This a maybe one of the few holes that are a bit out of character compared to rest of the course. You go a bit inland and there is water on both sides on the fairway. Very long hitters can probably carry some of the water but for me it was just playing safe down the middle of the fairway.

2018-09-29 08.38.06.jpg
approach to 5th hole

The green was out of reach for me on the 2 second shot, but either way it is a difficult approach with all the water surrounding the green.

2018-09-29 08.41.38.jpg
Hole 6, par 4

A short par 4 and one the fairways I missed where the green is difficult to hit from the rough.

2018-09-29 08.47.12.jpg
6th green

The green is slightly elevated with run off on all most parts. I came from the rough a got a flyer that was way long. Resulted in a bogey and just showed how easy a bogey can come on the card. I was driving the ball well, but one missed fairway was enough.

2018-09-29 08.51.03.jpg
Little shelter for bad weather conditions. There was very little wind when I played, but I am pretty sure it can be a tough challenge if the wind is strong and it rains.
2018-09-29 08.54.45.jpg
Hole 7, par 3

Another good looking par 3 where the wind was straight into. I took an extra club as it was still a light wind, but came up short. Didnt manage to save par.

2018-09-29 09.06.12.jpg
Hole 8, par 4

Another beautiful par 4 running along the water and with a green close to the edge.

2018-09-29 09.11.32.jpg
Hole 9, par 4 

A narrow tee shot and according to my caddie the fairway has gradually been cut more narrow over time to make the hole more difficult.



2018-09-29 09.16.41.jpg
9th green with well placed bunkers around the green
2018-09-29 09.25.39.jpg
10th hole, par 4

Uphill par 4 with probably the most generous fairway on the course.

2018-09-29 09.30.05.jpg
Small bunker in the fairway on 10th

The line from the caddie was this bunker and that gives a good angle to the green. I had 80m to the pin, but I was slightly long and a managed to 2 putt for a par.

2018-09-29 09.41.11.jpg
Hole 11, par 5

A good par 5 with a huge bunker by the green that you really want to avoid – bit like hell bunker on Old Course St. Andrews. I couldn’t reach the green in 2 due to my drive being in the rough. Had a good birdie chance, but 2 putted for par.

2018-09-29 09.48.15.jpg
Hole 12, par 3

A short but difficult par 3. The toughest pin is on the little portion of the right hand side green. However this pin position was still difficult to get it close due to the elevation on the green. I hit 2 balls and one just right of the pin which leaves a tricky putt and one short right. Short right is preferable for the ease of putting.

2018-09-29 09.58.05.jpg
Hole 13, par 4

I hit a perfect drive and had a wedge to green. Hit a really poor shot that bounced in the water right. Double bogey, which was really unnecessary when you have a short iron to a green like this.


2018-09-29 10.02.53.jpg
Hole 14, par 4

A dogleg left and relatively short hole. I hit a driver and had 80m to the pin.

2018-09-29 10.07.55.jpg
14th green
2018-09-29 10.11.28.jpg
Hole 15, par 4

A serious par 4 that requires a couple of good shots. I hit a poor tee shot left of the fairway that ended up way down left as it slopes away from you. Had a decent lie and only wedge to the green. Missed the green and made bogey.

2018-09-29 10.23.30.jpg
Hole 16, par 5

A reachable par 5 if you hit the fairway. I missed my second shot to the green, but still got a par.

2018-09-29 10.35.01.jpg
Hole 17, par 3

A fantastic par 3 hole and visually intimidating. The lack of wind makes this hole much easier and it was a 7 iron for me.

2018-09-29 10.38.07.jpg
17th green

As you can see the miss is right and the green is bigger that it looks from the tee.

2018-09-29 10.41.04.jpg
Hole 18, par 4

One of my favourite finishing holes. A really tough par 4. I had 240m to the end of the fairway and unfortunately didn’t quite realize that going long is absolutely not an option.

2018-09-29 10.45.09.jpg
Approach to 18th hole
2018-09-29 10.48.50.jpg
18th green

I ended up in a little strip of sand at the end of the fairway which was lucky as it would have been a drop if it had gone any further. I managed to get up close to the green but made bogey. I difficult but great finishing hole.

I really enjoyed the golf course and experience at Whistling Straits. I shot a 79 which I was happy with even though the double on 13 was a big mistake. On the other hand I drove the ball really well which meant that I wasnt really in trouble. The conditions where fantastic with fast greens, perfect fairways and great weather. It is one the more expensive green fees, but well worth it.


Skærmbillede 2018-10-03 kl. 19.35.25.png

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