Torrey Pines, USA

Torrey Pines in south california was one of the first course I played along the California coast line. I decided to try my luck and show up early to book a tee time the same day. I arrived at 6AM and got a tee time slot around 1PM the same. In the meantime I went to Carlsbad to get fitted for new irons and ended up getting the Taylormade CB tour prefered. The course was well visited that day which I assume is the standard. The clubhouse is old and outdated. It was expecting something more appropriate for this type of venue. The course however was great and the views amazing.

3rd par 3
3rd par 3

When you reach the 3rd and look out on the ocean it is just a stunning view. There is a hang glider spot just to the left side of the green and it was busy when we played.


Hang gliders quietly flying along the 4th hole


par 5, 13th
par 5, 13th

13th is a straight par 5 but with a downhill slope within driving distance and leaves you a reachable green in 2. However the green is well protected by bunkers, especially in front of the green.



I didn’t play that well and ended up with an 89, missing most drives to the right and hardly hitting in GIR. The rough was difficult and made it tough to score when I didn’t hit many fairways. It was still a good experience and the course was in nice condition. The holes close to the ocean is the main attraction in my opinion and the rest is nothing spectacular. It is not high on my list of courses I will prioritize to play again, as California has so many other really good courses.


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